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Together, we can strengthen our resilience.

We only know the future is brightest when we stand together in strength, solidarity and compassion — while we would love to see you at our show, regardless, we encourage you to connect with our charity partners.

We are thrilled to work in partnership between Community 4 Para and Sisters Inside.


These organisations prioritise community well-being, directing their resources towards vital services. Their work not only provides immediate relief and support but also builds sustainable, long-term solutions that strengthen communities and enhance overall quality of life.

This collaboration aims to showcase the power of art and our community in driving social change, in a world that can at times feel helpless.


Sisters Inside is a Queensland based organisation that supports criminalised women and girls both inside and outside of prison, and advocates for the decarceration of existing ‘justice’ systems.

The organisation is proudly led and driven by current and formerly incarcerated peoples, and has generated multiple successful campaigns and resources that have empowered and advocated for people everywhere.

In outlining their values and vision, Sisters Inside state:


“Prisons are an irrational social response. Prisons do not achieve their intended outcomes – they neither “correct” nor “deter” law breaking. In our society, prisons only function to punish and socially ostracise law breakers. This generates alienation and further criminal behaviour. It also explains the disproportionate numbers of people from socially marginalised groups, particularly Aboriginal people, in the prison population.


Society should resource prevention of crime through development of progressive social policies, particularly those that value women and children. We need to recognise the long term value of preventative strategies, rather than relying on immediate “outcomes”. People who have been through the prison system are best placed to generate realistic solutions to the problems of the criminal justice system. This expertise should be actively valued and encouraged by society. Every member of society is entitled to have their human rights protected.”


More information on Sisters Inside is available on their website (


Spinning Wildfire stands in firm solidarity with Palestinian liberation from and resistance against israel’s 76-year-long, ongoing and illegal occuption and genocide of Palestine. We condemn the terrorism and atrocities of israeli occupying forces and our government’s complicity in a genocide that has overseen the murder of more than 40 000 Palestinians in the last 7 months.



We are a diverse collective of creatives who represent a variety of marginalised identities and uphold the truth that none of us are free until all of us are free. Therefore, we will be relentless in supporting a free Palestine, from the river to the sea. We also strongly encourage you to support and follow @justiceforpalestine.magandjin to find out about pro-Palestine actions near you.



Furthermore, Spinning Wildfire’s committment to Sisters Inside is underpinned by our committment to acknowleding this event takes place on Indigenous land that was violently stolen to host a brutal colonial prison project that is still alive.



More than ever, we are grateful and proud to hold this space for you and also our charity partnerships: Community 4 PARA and Sisters Inside.


Palestine Australia Relief and Action (PARA) is a foundation established with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission in December 2023 that supports Palestinian migrants and refugees in Australia.


Community 4 PARA aims help the foundation to raise funds and resources urgently needed to assist the settlement and ongoing wellbeing of displaced Palestinians. Community 4 PARA successfully raised more than $40k in the first week of May 2024.

Visas, flights, food, accommodation, childcare, home goods, education, transport and healthcare are some of the many urgent and day-to-day costs that Community 4 PARA donations have covered. Due to the growing number of Palestinians arriving in Australia and the lack of support offered by the Australian Government, ongoing donations are greatly needed.

“Community 4 PARA is excited to be included in Spinning Wildfire and represented in the space it holds for BIPOC representation, solidarity and resistance. We affirm Spinning Wildfire’s vision to always putting community first.”


All are encouraged to join and fundraise with Community 4 PARA so they can provide assistance to 750 Palestinian individuals. For more information or questions, please find Community 4 PARA on Instagram (@community4para) or visit the PARA website ( to make a tax deductible donation today.

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